Lightbox 6am Saturday - Mobility Func


Mobility Func = Movement and Functional pain relief in 1 class. 

Most people are walking around with pain, injuries and ailments... FACT!

Instead of more exercise - what if there was a way to feel better, move better and treat yourself? 

People are already tired, burnt out and fatigued from work, school and gym - we don't need to do more exercise, we need to restore and heal before doing more.


We need better quality movement and the skills to learn how to sit, stand, squat, run, and remove pain without medication or surgery. 

I'm literally starting a movement and it's starting right here in Gladstone. It's called Mobility Func!

If you are lacking confidence with your body, if you have pain in your feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders and even neck, then come to my Mobility Func! class to fix yourself (under my guidance). 

It's like getting FREE Physio... but with your friends! It's simple, fun and you don't need to bring anything except a pilates mat.


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Giveaway: 2x Titans VS Manly Tickets


Big week next week in sport:
- Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast)
- NRL in Gladstone 

Titans VS Manly @Marley Brown Gladstone are giving away 2x tickets to this sell out match. 

To enter the Giveaway click the link below to enter. 
Drawn Next Friday 6th April 11:59am. 
Winners notified via Facebook. 

Click to enter

Titans VS Manly x2 Tickets Giveaway

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PhysioCall Gladstone Discount Vouchers

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2018

Gladstone Region - If you would like a FREE discount voucher for yourself or someone who needs Physio treatment on their neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, feet then try one of these local businesses that have them. Limited coupons available + limited time offering.

If you would like your business or sporting club to offer a discounts to your staff or club members - comment below

Mass Nutrition Gladstone

Gladstone Golf Club

Anytime Fitness Gladstone

Jetts Gladstone

Yaralla Fitness Centre

Gladstone Yacht...

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Bone Broth Community - PhysioCall

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2018

5 awesome flavours of Bone Broth in Clinic Now
- Use nutritious bone broth to repair and heal your gut
- replace products that use nasty additives and preservatives
- replace coffee with bone broth and feel better.

Buy online + pick up at Gladstone
For every purchase made receive 1 FREE Bamboo Tooth Brush (with charcoal bristle)
Buy here:

Link to the Youtube Video:

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What would you do? Cheat, compete, complain or let it go?

what would you do Nov 10, 2017

I'm really interested to know...

If you were involved in a business competition where there is a risk for businesses to cheat because of a voting system that is untrackable or transparent and you are aware of businesses who have cheated previously and won... 

What would you do?

Would you cheat as well?
Would you try to compete, knowing that others are cheating?
Would you complain?
Or would you let it go?


On the eve of a prestigious local business award night, I withdrew my first business nomination from the competition in adoration for my own social ethos and that of the local communities as well. 

I have no emotional ties to the nomination. I was not previously or consciously seeking a business award.  I already feel like I compete with myself so much that an award from an external source would be nice but of no real consequence. I feel quite black and white about my decision to withdraw. But instead of just...

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Uncategorized Nov 08, 2017

Save on Clinic Services this month. 

Breathe Pilates Open Day

$5 off Amazing Colour Cupping


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Breathe Pilates Grand Opening This Saturday

breathe pilates Nov 07, 2017

Hi PhysioCall Tribe,

This Saturday we launch our new services:

THIS SATURDAY 8am to 12pm at Gladstone

1) Breathe Pilates
2) Effortless Wellness
3) Hyperbaric Chamber
4) Stay Super Program
5) Ground Up Therapy

We will be doing a BATTLE OF THE BROTHS. So come taste over 10 Bone Broths from Around the World. Including a Chocolate Bone Broth.

Special giveaways + discounts + available for ALL that attend.
- save a minimum of $40 in Physio Coupons

Education Presenting on the day at:

Josh - The effortless Wellness Program
(What is it, who's it for --> special offer for people who are really stressed)

Kaliya - Breathe Pilates, Hyperbaric Chamber


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Which SUPER HERO are you?


Hey Quick Question - PhysioCall Tribe!
Which SUPER HERO are you?

As part of a new initiative to help people stay healthy ALL YEAR ROUND here at, we have created the
Stay Super and Save Program.

To activate your 12-month monthly maintenance program and save on your health care - simply sign up today and save immediately.

The membership offer is for our loyal GLADSTONE customers. You are receiving a discount on each booked consult over a 12 month period (spaced out 4 weeks apart) and you are also given exclusive gifts, bonuses and consults as a result of being part of the 12-month program.

What you will receive:

- 12 months of discounted physio treatments (save $$$)
- 1 x FREE 90 min hyperbaric session (save $120 includes oxygen mask)
- 1 x FREE 30 min Pilates consult (save $45)
- 12 months access to Treat yourself @ Home self-care program (value $30)
- 1 week supply of blend 11 400g (save $17)
- 1 month supply of bone broth (save $35)

Total value Over = $368


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17 Days to Go

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2017

Follow Chelsea Baker's Road to World Cup Count Down

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Chelsea's Journey to the Rugby League World Cup

chelsea baker jillaroo Oct 29, 2017

For anyone that doesn't know... Chelsea Baker is my FAVOURITE FOOTBALL player of ALL TIME!

Yes, it's true... 
I am a massive fan of Darren Lockyer, Johnathan Thurston and Billy Slater. 

But my FAVOURITE footballer is Chelsea Baker. 

It's NOT just Chelsea's dedication to her own personal game:
- the sprint training
- the extra workouts 
- and additional skill work

It's NOT just her dedication to her players and coaches:
- building great connections and friendships
- giving positive feedback and assurance 
- leading by example

It's NOT just because Chelsea's genuinely a good person,
with great comradery and sportsmanship (on and off the field).  

It's NOT just because she absolutely gives 100% best athletic effort on the field every time. Which is so exciting and entertaining to watch...even for players and supporters on the opposite team. 

It's BECAUSE Chelsea does it all while being a full-time mum to her 2 young...

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