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We that know becoming a confident and loved therapist takes time. You don't need to be producing podcasts to be a great health professional (although if you want to, that's cool)

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  • Physiotherapists / Osteopaths

  • Psychologists

  • Exercise Physiologists

  • Personal Trainers


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You're a great listener and communicator. You know how to manage the conversation to get a win/win result, as well as manage your time. 

You know the value of great hands-on treatment and the emotional, physical, mental benefits that are associated with receiving this style of treatment. 

You understand the mind body connection, are happy to identify when people are experiencing mental/emotional distress and refer the customer for further care. 

You are interested in overall health and wellbeing, including learning new skills like functional movement, rehabilitation and training. 

You are happy to serve people who are in pain and help them get out of pain

You want to create healthy habits for a full and balanced life for yourself and others

Your support team

Monique Iaquinto

Business and Customer Service Specialist

As a software developer and customer experience expert, Monique believes everyone who works with us is on a path to greatness. Sometimes you just need a little support to head in the right direction and the right team backing you to success. 

Joshua Iaquinto


Helping others discover their true inspiring self and his light-hearted approach to mental health gives this serious subject a playful twist. Josh is the friend you never knew you needed on your journey to transcendence and abundance in all areas of life.


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I’ve gone from feeling stressed out and overworked to loving the life I live. This role has changed my life. I feel like Monique and Josh are trusted friends guiding me to a better version of myself.

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