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Are You In Pain?

Body PAIN is the #1 problem that people
Gladstone struggle with daily.  

Would you like to reduce your pain today?
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Are You In Pain?

Body PAIN is the #1 physical problem that 
people in Gladstone struggle with daily. 

Would you like Physio treatment today?

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Living with pain is a choice. Things can change very quickly with the right advice and treatment.

If you have acute or chronic pain we help you feel better, faster. 

Who is the Get Out Of Pain Plan for?

Anyone who has pain in their body - Students, workers, athletes, mums/dads etc.
Do you have a pain or problem to fix in your body?
Are you in acute or chronic pain? 
Holistic care without focusing on medication or injections or surgery as primary care
Do you have an upcoming surgery?
Did you just have surgery?
Upcoming goal? (work, sport, wedding)
People, who want professional help to heal?
Invest in yourself... you're worth it


Commit To Your Health & CHANGE YOUR LIFE

  • 100% on focused on ONLY treating you
  • Goal is to reduce pain and give instant relief
  • Multi-area treatment/advice in each session
  • Learn how to best heal and rehab yourself with our self-care coaching 
  • Increase confidence with functional movement for life
  • Discuss root causes + discover other  self-care solutions
  • Become the best version of yourself

Pre-pay and save ON Physio today!

  • 7 sessions (1 on 1) with your  physio including the inital 40min consult

  • Amazing saving for people WITH NO private health

  • If you have private health - claim on each session and save even more 

  • Most people pay less than $85 per session by using their private health


Our Services

Hands On Treatment
Full Body Assessment
Coaching  & Accountability
Rehab & PT
Dry Needling
Gua Sha

Our Pricing

Pre-Paid Treatment Sessions

GOOPP+ $595 (Only $85 per session)


  • Pre-pay and save $25 every treatment
  • Choose from 3 phases of care
  • Hands on physio 
  • Functional rehab (in clinic gym)
  • Maintenance
  • Use your private health + save

Normal Rates

$165 Initial Consultation

40 Minute Physio Treatment.

  • Full body assessment
  • Private consult room
  • 100% focused on you 
  • Hands on treatment
  • Professional physio advice
  • Massage, gua sha, cupping, dry needling, strapping, advice.

Normal Rates

$125 Follow Up Consultation

30 Minute Physio Treatment

  • Exceptional follow up care
  • Multi area treatmemt
  • Walk through Xray / MRI results
  • Pre/ post-surgery treatment
  • athletes, workers, students, mums/dads/grandparents

The Phases Of Care

No matter what your level of fitness, ability, skill, function, or age - your body is designed to repair and heal.

Hands On Treatment

PHASE 1 - Hands on Treatment

3-7 Days | Inflammation

Symptoms include pain, redness, and swelling. Pain is a signal to protect against a recent injury. Inflammation is not the enemy it is helping your body heal.


PHASE 2 - Rehab

7-21 Days | Repair

Your body is regenerating & repairing damaged tissue. You are developing a new matrix structure - healing is happening.


PHASE 3 - Maintenance
21-90 Days | Remodelling


Remodeling molds the new tissue to resemble the original tissue. New tissue may be inelastic/stiff, it needs to be re-educated to move. Once functional movement returns, healing is complete. Pain is gone!


"Pain is the persistent teacher, you will keep getting taught the lesson until you learn the lesson. What's your lesson? If the human body is designed to repair and heal itself why does it seem like sometimes it doesn’t (particularly in chronic conditions)?"

Joshua Iaquinto
PhysioCall Senior Physiotherapist / Owner