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Living with pain is a choice. Things can change very quickly with the right advice and treatment.

If you have acute or chronic pain we help you feel better, faster. 



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The Phases Of Care

No matter what your level of fitness, ability, skill, function, or age - your body is designed to repair and heal.

Hands On Treatment

PHASE 1 - Hands on Treatment

3-7 Days | Inflammation

Symptoms include pain, redness, and swelling. Pain is a signal to protect against a recent injury. Inflammation is not the enemy it is helping your body heal.


PHASE 2 - Rehab

7-21 Days | Repair

Your body is regenerating & repairing damaged tissue. You are developing a new matrix structure - healing is happening.


PHASE 3 - Maintenance
21-90 Days | Remodelling


Remodeling molds the new tissue to resemble the original tissue. New tissue may be inelastic/stiff, it needs to be re-educated to move. Once functional movement returns, healing is complete. Pain is gone!


"Pain is the persistent teacher, you will keep getting taught the lesson until you learn the lesson. What's your lesson? If the human body is designed to repair and heal itself why does it seem like sometimes it doesn’t (particularly in chronic conditions)?"

Joshua Iaquinto
PhysioCall Senior Physiotherapist / Owner