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Mobility Func @Lightbox 6am Saturday lightbox mobility func Mar 30, 2018


Mobility isn't just for Crossfitters, gymnasts and athletes -- It's for all humans (especially if you're a human that sits all day)
Come down and practice how to properly sit, stand, squat, breathe and use your joints, muscles and body like a child again. Seriously simple, fun...
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Lightbox 6am Saturday - Mobility Func light box in the courtyard lightbox mobility func physiocall lightbox Mar 28, 2018

Mobility Func = Movement and Functional pain relief in 1 class. 

Most people are walking around with pain, injuries and ailments... FACT!

Instead of more exercise - what if there was a way to feel better, move better and treat yourself? 

People are already tired, burnt out and fatigued...

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