Mobility Func @Lightbox 6am Saturday

lightbox mobility func Mar 30, 2018


Mobility isn't just for Crossfitters, gymnasts and athletes -- It's for all humans (especially if you're a human that sits all day)
Come down and practice how to properly sit, stand, squat, breathe and use your joints, muscles and body like a child again. Seriously simple, fun and functional. Requires no skill or equipment to participate. It's FREE to attend - no registration required (just drop in)
Mobility Func class can last between 45min - 1hr. You will feel refreshed, relaxed and motivated to move nutritiously after each session.
Bring a friend and start the morning with Mobility Func. If you have a Pilates mat (bring it with you). Stay around afterwards for breakfast with friends and family.
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Lightbox 6am Saturday - Mobility Func


Mobility Func = Movement and Functional pain relief in 1 class. 

Most people are walking around with pain, injuries and ailments... FACT!

Instead of more exercise - what if there was a way to feel better, move better and treat yourself? 

People are already tired, burnt out and fatigued from work, school and gym - we don't need to do more exercise, we need to restore and heal before doing more.


We need better quality movement and the skills to learn how to sit, stand, squat, run, and remove pain without medication or surgery. 

I'm literally starting a movement and it's starting right here in Gladstone. It's called Mobility Func!

If you are lacking confidence with your body, if you have pain in your feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders and even neck, then come to my Mobility Func! class to fix yourself (under my guidance). 

It's like getting FREE Physio... but with your friends! It's simple, fun and you don't need to bring anything except a pilates mat.


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