SCHOOL HOLIDAY PHYSIO SPECIALS Tuesday 3rd to Friday 13th of April

SCHOOL HOLIDAY PHYSIO SPECIALS Tuesday 3rd to Friday 13th of April 2018

OFFER: Mum or Dad gets Treatment --> 1x Kid receives Movement Assessment

With so much high-level sport going on (NRL in Gladstone --> Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast),  it's so interesting to watch athletes perform and move at a high level. 

It's even more interesting to watch the rest of us try and emulate what athletes do on and off the field... sadly most kids and adults never truly get great advice from their coaches to set them up for a lifetime of great movement and function.  

We recognise that with so much sitting at schools and at home, humans just aren't moving the way we used to --> get your kids assessed. I will explain exactly what they should address (posture, movement, strength, function, balance, ROM or health)

Perfect for: Kids that want to become athletes, musicians, or go to university.
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