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PhysioCall Achievements

Nov 29, 2019
We don't talk about them alot in clinic but there are plenty of amazing people in Gladstone who get physio treatment and achieve amazing things.

- I just want to briefly say its been a long year of sport and achievements for many of you here at PhysioCall and even though I may not have mentioned you here in this post... I'm so proud of all the humans that have come in with a goal and did everything they can to reach it.
Whether you got there or not, the important thing is you applied focus, effort, discipline and you truly inspire me to work harder for you to help you get there.


Ok here's a couple of examples of this weeks legends.

1. Grace is a dedicated acro gymnast and swimmer who recently had an injury that could easily have put into a cast or even surgery.

If tenacious was a human Grace would be living proof of the word. Not phased by pain, or the inability to walk without a crutch. A certain break from sport would normally be the recipe for healing success.


When I asked grace what her highest values were at the time of injury it was swimming meets and end of year displays in gymnastics and wanting to be able to perform and participate and do her best in them.

Not only has Grace shown how amazing the human body is at healing itself... particularly when you remove the stress (root cause) but she has also been rewarded by her efforts.

Part of Graces rehab and recovery was to still compete at the swim meets, but only in limited events, and at scaled effort levels (around 75%). 2 weeks in a row she broke her PB's (personal bests) and won medal and awards.

Grace is well on track to compete display this weekend. Good luck with the display.


2. Congratulations Emma #heroofharveybar


Emma is the birthchild of a rock and a hardplace... she is one tough cookie and has endurance and fuel to burn when it comes to long distant events. I'm pretty sure she thinks a rest day involves doing things.

Emma is a long time moving enthusiast in the arts of running, swimming, cycling, and a fan of our style of physio here at You name it Emma has probably done an event or plans to be in one that pushes her physical capabilities and we love being there in support.




Working through the list of achievements that Emma has completed certainly brings tears to my eyes and probably hers whilst keeping we deep tissue her body to keep it in top shape.

Last weekend's Harvey Bay 100 is no exception, I am very proud to announce that she has since conquered the tough endurance race by giving it another go. 



Well done and thank you including us in another great goal setting experience. 


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