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Keep Your Body Moving

Jun 08, 2018

Keep it Moving!

It is very important for a human body to keep moving to maintain lasting agility. Its not just about going to the gym everyday. You can do it in and outside your house, or while walking your dog and even while preparing meals. 

Ya-Ling Liou said movement is an important part of mitigating everyday pain and keeping the body agile. We all have our own path and we need to make peace with it. Once we do, we will find balance in our body and mind. Maybe we’ll only get a glimpse of balance, but striving for it is what life is all about. Any seasoned athlete will tell you that if you fail, fall or miss the mark, you get up, dust yourself off and try it again. That’s the only way to move forward, so you might as well do it armed with good information. 

PhysioCall Gladstone offers not just treatments, we also offer coaching on how you can keep your body healthy. They say "one small thing is better than nothing". You can start small, few routines, and that's still better than not exercising at all.

Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands or SAID is being used for years now when it comes to rehabilitation and sports training. It is very direct as it sounds. It is similar to the concept "USE IT or LOSE IT" which is scientifically proven theory that the human body responds to any stressors given to it.
Your body movement connects to your brain. Our body's function is to move and like vehicle engines that is left unused our body and brain will get used to it and by the time you want to use it, it will have problems. Our brain is not used of not receiving signals from our body anymore. It is vital that we keep the communication between our body and brain.

I often hear friends say how they struggle getting back to regular exercise after a lull in their routine. They feel that they've lost any gains they previously made. That sense of regression happens more quickly as we age -- not because we're necessarily more decrepit, but because our wiring is more easily turned off (as described above). It's much easier to wake up the neural connections than to build muscles mass from scratch, so don't lose heart when you fall out of your routine. Be gentle with yourself and know that when you get back to your exercise routine, you'll still have a measure of the foundation you built. You'll just need to wake it up.

You may experience a little pain now, but its nothing comparable to when your body is too late to do all the exercise and damaged.

PhysioCall Gladstone is here to help guide you all the way. Whether as a beginner, recovering from injuries or surgeries, getting back after you've stop doing it and a lot more reasons why each one needed to stop. 

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