Top 4 Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy -

Helps everyone no matter what age. Children, adults, people with medical conditions and injuries that limits them to move and function. It can also manage age-related issues and even pregnant mothers are able to benefit from physiotherapy.


A physiotherapist can create a plan for each patient to help them achieve their goal. It also gives them more freedom to do things that require physical activities and improve not just their physical but also their overall health and prevent them from having further injury. Physiotherapy is a conservative approach to managing mobility problems so patients are being referred for therapy in the early symptoms of problem. There are many benefits of physiotherapy and below are the top benefits;

  • Eliminate/reduce pain - physios use different types of treatment or procedures to help their patient in managing pain and discomfort. A plan can include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy techniques, ultrasound, taping and/or electrical stimulation to help relieve their patients pain and restore muscle and joint function and prevent pain from coming back.
  • Avoid Surgery - an individual may not need a surgery anymore if the therapy is able to eliminate pain or heal the patient’s injury or medical condition. Doctors also suggest for patients to have pre-surgery and post-surgery physiotherapy. The therapy helps a patient to recover fast and helps them to be physically stronger than those who did not have any therapy. If you are able to avoid surgery, you are also able to save a lot of money.
  • Improve mobility - no matter how old you are, if you are having problem standing, walking, sitting or moving physical therapy can help you. Physios can create a treatment plan and exercises to help you rebuild your strength and be able to move freely. By creating and customizing an individual care plan, whatever activity that is important to an individual’s life can be practised and adapted to ensure maximal performance and safety. Physios can also properly fit individuals with a cane, crutches or any assistive devices, or assess for an orthotic prescription.
  • Prevent injuries  - A physio understands that an athlete is at high risk of having different types of injuries like fractures, sprain/strain, etc., so they can design a treatment plan suitable for you. If you had an injury whether it's from sports or accidents, your physio can create a treatment plan to help you to recover properly and give you exercise to prevent future injuries and be able to return to your sport in no time.

If you have questions or you need help for yourself or for someone you care about, book with PhysioCall Gladstone today.

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