2020 Physiotherapy Position

We would like to take offers of consideration for a great therapist to live and work in Gladstone.

Would you like to apply?

We are looking for a new grad, a senior therapist and massage therapist to join our awesome team here at PhysioCall.com.au


PhysioCall.com.au is looking for a Junior + Senior therapist

JUNIOR THERAPIST (New Grad) / SENIOR THERAPIST/ MASSAGE THERAPIST (confident therapist with a minimum of 2 years of private practice experience). 

PhysioCall.com.au Gladstone is looking for a person who is passionate about being a physiotherapist/ massage therapist. Ideally a physiotherapist who is a natural leader/ teacher for other physiotherapists (especially with technical execution, client treatment/outcomes and ongoing client relationship building). Someone who enjoys the responsibility of providing great Physio/massage outcomes for a team of Physio’s/therapists and their customers.

I am interested in someone who is looking to live in the central Queensland region for a minimum of 2 years.

A physio/massage therapist who has great organisational skills, be self driven, self motivated, strong emotional intelligence, a desire to continue their own Physio/massage education.

As part of a being a Physio/ massage therapist with PhysioCall,com.au, you will receive mentoring and coaching to help you perform at your highest level professionally and personally. This process is gradual, intentional, and a fundamental step for you to becoming a leader with a purpose.

This role would ideally suit a Physio/ massage therapist that would like to be part of something greater than themselves.

We believe that this process and mentality of thinking allows you to have the greatest impact in your career, not only within the business, but also in the lives of the community and your family.

You will be invited to take part in the process of defining your role within the clinic and the company, the overall results of the clinic, and the systems that allow the above to function daily at an enjoyable and manageable level.

Physiocall.com.au Gladstone currently has many unique wholistic health services and programs that are not available anywhere else in the world. Part of your role will be to help shape the development of these programs for our current and future team members and the implementation and reviewing of these products and services.

We are looking for a health conscious person that appreciates the need for selfcare, wholistic living and lifestyle.

You will find it easier to be passionate with this role if you have a belief that the human body heals itself, that you actively test your body using the resources of your own education, testing and self care techniques. Additionally you are able to respect your own body with healthy food, nutrition, beliefs, behaviours and habits.

How to Apply

Email: [email protected]

Subject line: I am Interested

Attach: Resume + a short video*

In the short video please include the following: 
- Who you are 
- What you passionate about outside of Physio 
- When role do you see yourself working as at PhysioCall 
- What things you are passionate about in Physiotherapy?
- Why you think you would be the perfect team member at PhysioCall
- How many people make up your close friends + family and a little bit about each of them 
- What is your ideal role in our clinic + how you can you add to our clinic 

Please don't put down what you think we would like to here, I want you to think about what your ideal + dream role within the clinic would be :)

* Please upload your video to YouTube and provide the "unlisted" link in the email  

We will get back to everyone who submits an email + video response. 

Massage Therapists

We would like to take offers of consideration for a massage therapist in Gladstone.


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