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So many people in GLADSTONE LOVE here's why:

  • We don't want to be the biggest physio clinic in town, we just want to be best (and our clients know that). 
  • We focus on you....NOT 3 other people at the same time. 
  • We rarely rely on machines to do hands on work
  • Closed door appointments (lots of privacy) 
  • Longer consults with quality therapists (save money on treatments and driving time)
  • World class education from our team (we will teach you how to fix yourself... we don't want to see you for injuries and illnesses that you can learn to fix yourself) 
  • Yes we are big fans of getting healthy not just pain free (there is a massive difference) 
  •  You will feel better, think clearer and be more confident to do more after our consults
  • Online booking (simple, easy to book yourself 24/7) 
  • Hyperbaric chamber - world class treatment without medication to address stress and inflammation. 
  • We have services that are just not offered anywhere else in the world, including:
    - Ground Up Therapy (Where you learn how to walk, run, squat, sleep, stand, breathe properly without medication, orthotics, injections or surgeries)
    - The Effortless Wellness Program (to help people who are sick, fatigued and tired) 
    - Treat Yourself @Home Program (learn how to address symptoms at home) 
    - Mobility Func! (at home mobility program designed to make you more functional for work, sport and life) 

    We also stock a range of products that help you at home:
    - Back products to stabilse your spine
    - Bone Broth range to reduce inflammation and seal the gut
    - the at home hair sensitivity test designer to help be conscious about what's causing you to be chronically ill and injured. 
Do you want me to fix the pain...

OR Do you want me to TREAT the PROBLEM... (The root cause)

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Why people get Physio treatment: 

  • If people are in pain or discomfort, due to work, accident, sport or play
  • Alignment and posture issues
  • Problems and pain in Feet, knees, hips, backs, shoulders, necks
  • Gut health, nutrition, accountability, education and advice
  • BEFORE PEOPLE DO GYM OR PT - Functional rehab, movement and training
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, breathing and mobility 
  • Cupping, Dry Needling, Deep tissue, Gua sha
  • Neural release and alignment

If you are doctor:

Wholistic approach to health care that can work in combination with your medication, injection or surgical therapy. offer the most advanced clinical assessment and treatments to deliver rapid symptom relief, whilst focusing on the root cause.

It's called "Ground Up Therapy" and allows for accurate objective testing that promotes relevant referrals with other health professionals to provide the client with wholistic outcomes. 

We treat: 

  • The Foundation - starting at the feet.
  • The movement patterns related to everyday movements - especially the squat.
  • Posture alignment in sitting, sleeping, standing and breathing.
  • Access and refer for distressed psychological minds.
  • Discuss Gut health and implement programs to address an imbalanced belly
  • Reduce or remove Inflammation and sources of stress on the body

If you are a personal trainer, Gym or Box: 

Together we keep your clients and members in tip top shape. Training needs treatment and @physiocall we don't just treat to train, we treat to prevent problems - this problem solving approach keeps your clients where they should, training with you. 

If you are Current Client: 

You know what you are referring for - The same personalised comprehensive care and treatment you get for yourself - tell your friends and save. 


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