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"Feel Better, Think Clearer, Do More"
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Mobility Func! Breathe-Feel-Move-Heal In this class you will learn how to calm the breath. We can use the breath as a powerful pain relief, improve sleep and for an overall sense of wellbeing. you will also learn how to feel your muscles and heal your own pain, whilst improving natural movement using nutritious movement not receptive strain. Mobility Func! works along side current pain treatment to reduce stress and inflammation benefiting the mind and body.


Feet to Knee Rehab: Learn about how your body functions from the ground up, using traditional movements to rebuild your body from the ground up. You will learn to create arches in out feet again, with repetition, precision and concentration you will gain control of you body with your mind.

Hip to Low Back: This class is a follow on from Feet to Knee Rehab. We focus on the pelvis and it's stability, to realign posture at it's core. The Hips are considered 2 of the 4 emotional  knots in our body, if you have hip tightness and low back pain, these classes are great to rehabilitate you back to function. 

Thoracic to Neck Rehab: In this class, we promote relaxation whilst doing nutritious movements to re-align and strengthen out the thoracic spine. This is a slow paced routine that will soften your body and calm the mind. This is a great to relieve tension built up from repetitive strain, work, exercise, emotional stress and everyday activities. So I invite you to give your body some love and pamper it with this flow.


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