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PhysioCall Gladstone has an onsite rehab gym so you can practice + learn new skills to take to school, work, sport, gym, crossfit, F45, PT, bootcamp, boxing, running...


Confidently lay, crawl, walk, run, jump, squat, roll, leap, climb, lift, push, pull, punch, throw, catch, kick, sumo sit, duck walk, kneel, stand, sprint... when you need it most. 

All The Equipment And Space You Need To Build A Functional Body


Holistic Functional Movement

Rehabilitation comes in many forms. Humans are dynamic creatures that can move in a number of planes of motion. That's why it's important your exercises and movement patterns are designed to replicate movements you complete in your daily life.

Our aim is to strengthen and lengthen your body through functional rehab to eliminate your pain, and to ensure you move efficiently as a human.

We will build your confidence to ensure you can confidently walk pain-free, run pain-free, pick things up pain-free, and ultimately do anything you need to with confidence. 
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Video Poster Image

Build To Destroy

Build’ means strengthen, re-align, and balance the body to ensure that muscular systems/networks are working in synergy, rather that having points of weakness.

Destroy' means let go of the parts of the body that are unbalanced due to poor biomechanics, bad habits, or previous injury, muscles and structures will begin to compensate, which can lead to pain and dysfunction. Our rehab ‘building’ programs are designed to develop the parts of you that you neglect or ignore to ensure that your movement patterns are permanently improved, which will result in good posture and long-term sustainable physical health.

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