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Hands-On Physio Treatment


Do you know the difference between HAPPY tissue and UN-HAPPY tissue in your body?

In clinic we call it tiger skin, when it reveals itself on the superficial part of your skin, you can guarantee a lack of blood flow and fatigue. We call it unhappy tissue. Check out more examples below. 

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Take Time Out For You And Let Us Activate The Human Body’s Innate Healing Systems

Unknot the knots - Why?
To unravel, realign, and release knotted and dysfunctional tissues, whilst also re-setting messages to the brain in order to allow the body to relax. Our hands on treatments involve slow and penetrating strokes at the centre of where you perceive your pain. Release tight, painful muscles, dehydrated fascia, bound up tendons, compressed nerves, and any other form of solidified tissue.

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