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Which SUPER HERO are you?

12 month program physiocall stay super Nov 02, 2017


Hey Quick Question - PhysioCall Tribe!
Which SUPER HERO are you?

As part of a new initiative to help people stay healthy ALL YEAR ROUND here at, we have created the
Stay Super and Save Program.

To activate your 12-month monthly maintenance program and save on your health care - simply sign up today and save immediately.

The membership offer is for our loyal GLADSTONE customers. You are receiving a discount on each booked consult over a 12 month period (spaced out 4 weeks apart) and you are also given exclusive gifts, bonuses and consults as a result of being part of the 12-month program.

What you will receive:

- 12 months of discounted physio treatments (save $$$)
- 1 x FREE 90 min hyperbaric session (save $120 includes oxygen mask)
- 1 x FREE 30 min Pilates consult (save $45)
- 12 months access to Treat yourself @ Home self-care program (value $30)
- 1 week supply of blend 11 400g (save $17)
- 1 month supply of bone broth (save $35)

Total value Over = $368


For anyone that completes their 12-month maintenance program and attends all 12 consults, you will receive an additional 30 min FREE physio treatment - to be redeemed within 3 months after completing the 12-month program (Value $85)

We are offering a GUARANTEED 12 months of Physio Treatment to 20 16 of our clients!

Do you want to Maintain your Health all year around and also get loads of goodies?
OR maybe you have a friend or family you think would benefit from this deal?

We want to keep you in tip-top shape so that you FEEL Better, THINK Clearer, DO More all year round!

Offer enrolments END on the 14th of November

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for that special loved one?

Definitely get this STAY SUPER Program for them - they will love you for the entire YEAR.

Seriously its the gift that keeps on giving!

Hurry only 16 available packages left.

Purchase your stay super program here


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