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What would you do? Cheat, compete, complain or let it go?

what would you do Nov 10, 2017

I'm really interested to know...

If you were involved in a business competition where there is a risk for businesses to cheat because of a voting system that is untrackable or transparent and you are aware of businesses who have cheated previously and won... 

What would you do?

Would you cheat as well?
Would you try to compete, knowing that others are cheating?
Would you complain?
Or would you let it go?


On the eve of a prestigious local business award night, I withdrew my first business nomination from the competition in adoration for my own social ethos and that of the local communities as well. 

I have no emotional ties to the nomination. I was not previously or consciously seeking a business award.  I already feel like I compete with myself so much that an award from an external source would be nice but of no real consequence. I feel quite black and white about my decision to withdraw. But instead of just letting it go, which typically I do in most circumstances because the social injustice is either too grand for me to take on or not related to me directly. In this instance, however, this social injustice I felt compelled not to compete, and make my reason known. 

Did I do the right thing by asking to be removed from a competition where the competition is unfair?

I didn't ask to be in the competition, nor did I ask my customers, families or friends to nominate me. So if I asked not to take part does is it even matter? Does it do anything to fix the underlying injustice that continues to occur?

I like the idea of a business competition and awards night! It's healthy, it breeds creativity and evolution. I can appreciate that small business struggle all year, and just a little reprieve and a reason to celebrate with a greater crowd can be a fantastic event for an entire community. Which is what an awards night that celebrates the businesses of a community does, I'm not knocking that. However, if everyone is brought together and celebrating something that is false and not true... does it make the competition ok?

How would it make you feel to be at an awards ceremony, knowing that your business cheated? How would it make you feel if they won in every category? Would it make you question the winners of other industries, knowing that they may have done the same thing?

Does it devalue the competition, the award and the celebrations of success for everyone?  


Thank you to the people that did nominate, I do appreciate the recognition, even though I don't know who you are. I am appreciative. Thank you. 

Now for the record. I have no intention of revealing any businesses that cheated in this "Best in Business" competition before. I'm not interested in revealing the names of people who have given testimony to witnessing it occur. I'm only interested in the question of what you would do if you were in the same position?
Cheat, compete, complain or let it go?

Side note: I would hope those businesses who previously have cheated, would gather a significant amount of inner turmoil to feel guilty enough to address the public and let everyone know how and why they cheated. The Melbourne Storm cheated and they came back better than ever, maybe the same sporting prowess can be achieved in business competitions as well?

But then again... maybe not. I mean, being able to publicly advertise yourself as the "Best in Business" would surely come with some financial benefits, not to mention the confidence that comes along with being publicly acclaimed by your peers, colleagues, friends and family. 


Joshua Iaquinto

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