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qld vs nsw women's Jun 22, 2018



Today, Friday 22nd June 7.40pm on Channel 9.
One Game Only - QLD vs NSW women's STATE OF ORIGIN STATE OF ORIGIN match.

Before the game starts tonight you might want to read a short article written by Chris Walker himself about WOMEN playing football.

" I'll be strapped into my seat tonight, yelling at the Channel Nine broadcast from 7.30pm, cheering for Queensland with everything I've got - just as I do for any other Origin night. I won't say anything to my daughters or force them to watch, but if they display a passing interest while I tune in, even for 20 minutes, it'll be a little victory. 

-- Chris Walker

This is the most important sporting game of the year for me and it's only June, here's why:

  • Women's league NEVER gets a run on PRIME time FRIDAY NIGHT TV FOOTBALL. 
  • These athletes are daughters, partners, sisters, aunties, cousins and mums but they don't get the same attention, sponsorship, support like the men in their sport do. 
  • Soon these players will be part of professional teams that you already know and love (Like the Broncos) 
  • It's 2018... this is finally happening. Glad that it's happening now but wish it was already here. 
  • These players and their families need your support

Tell your friends and family - tonight, FRIDAY 22nd of June 7.40pm
Game 1 or 1 Women's State of Origin. 

Tune in and watch the talent of local players Kody House and Chelsea Baker.

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