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Lessons From Addiction Phase 3

Jun 20, 2019
Currently experiencing emotional eating. Cannot eat enough. I'm rewarding myself with food.

Also testing things at the same time as I eat foods and marking off what I know consciously makes me feel inflamed, stressed, tired, fatigued. There are 500+ items on the list that I will test when I finish this phase to gain objective data to help me avoid those things in the future.



Addiction presents with many signs and symptoms: 
- I find myself defending my addiction sometimes when I talk about having a break from the thing that might be hurting me
- symptoms include headache, migranes, angry when I have a break from it

Non-negotiables for someone who is ill, sick and diseased:

1) Smoking
2) Alcohol
3) Coffee
4) Sugar
5) Dairy
6) Staying up late (not getting enough sleep)

Being aware of your beliefs, behaviours, habits, addictions, past experiences, and fears help with your conscious choices and discipline as an adult.

Next phase: What does the best version of yourself look like?

Knowing... is not doing. 
You need to DO.

If you continue to dream through life and do the same things over and over, expecting a different have to wake and take responsibility at some point and DO something different.

Be a scientist - challenge your beliefs.

Working on challenging my beliefs in this Phase 3 around: 
- Alcohol
- Cigarettes 
- Coffee

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