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Chelsea's Journey to the Rugby League World Cup

chelsea baker jillaroo Oct 29, 2017

For anyone that doesn't know... Chelsea Baker is my FAVOURITE FOOTBALL player of ALL TIME!

Yes, it's true... 
I am a massive fan of Darren Lockyer, Johnathan Thurston and Billy Slater. 

But my FAVOURITE footballer is Chelsea Baker. 

It's NOT just Chelsea's dedication to her own personal game:
- the sprint training
- the extra workouts 
- and additional skill work

It's NOT just her dedication to her players and coaches:
- building great connections and friendships
- giving positive feedback and assurance 
- leading by example

It's NOT just because Chelsea's genuinely a good person,
with great comradery and sportsmanship (on and off the field).  

It's NOT just because she absolutely gives 100% best athletic effort on the field every time. Which is so exciting and entertaining to watch...even for players and supporters on the opposite team. 

It's BECAUSE Chelsea does it all while being a full-time mum to her 2 young children, a caring partner to her Husband Matt, awesome sister and daughter to her family, and a loyal mate to all her friends. 

That is WHY Chelsea is my favourite football player. 

The next 17 days of blog posts are to say thank you for letting us all be part of your Rugby League Journey for the past 5+ years. 

And for reminding me that Rugby League (the greatest game on earth to watch) can be played with the FUN and EXCITEMENT you bring to each game, without the arrogance or poor reputation that some professionals (and non-professionals) bring to our great game. 

You're a legend mate. All of us can't wait to see you play in the green and gold for Australia. 

The Countdown is on!


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