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Bone Broth

bone broth Jun 09, 2018

Bone Broth a.k.a. Superfood

Meadow & Marrow was born from an obsession to optimize ancient wisdom with today’s most advanced knowledge and expertise. And there is no product that better demonstrates this pursuit than the World’s First Bone Broth Concentrate.

Making nature’s ultimate healing food used to take a couple of days… But with our proprietary process we have reduced Bone Broth down to this super convenient, Concentrate that has pure nutritional density so thick it sticks to the spoon.
Now you can experience all the amazing benefits of a premium quality grass-fed beef bone broth in just minutes. Simply add 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water for instant, delicious and 100% REAL Bone Broth.

"Broths" may be useful in the treatment of:
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Lowered immune function


Glycine and proline are particularly important amino acids present in bone broth. Glycine is a simple amino acid necessary in the manufacture of other amino acids. It is a vital component in the production of heme, the part of the blood that carries oxygen. It is also involved in glucogenesis (the manufacture of glucose), supports digestion by enhancing gastric acid secretion, and is essential for wound healing. It is a precursor amino acid for glutathione and large amounts are needed for the liver to detoxify after chemical exposure.
Broths can be used in modified fasting and cleansing programs. In these situations, glycine is used to support phase I and II detoxification. During fasting, because little or no food or energy source is being consumed, protein tissues such as muscle often break down. With broth, glycine is consumed, which limits or prevents degeneration during the fast and is also beneficial to the detoxification process.
Proline is an amino acid essential to the structure of collagen and is therefore necessary for healthy bones, skin, ligaments, tendons and cartilage. It is found in small amounts in many foods, but vitamin C is necessary to metabolize proline into its active form. Small amounts can be manufactured by the body, but evidence shows that adequate dietary protein is necessary to maintain an optimal level of proline in the body. It has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on memory and in the prevention of depression.


Meadow + Marrow

Delicious and nutritious bone broth from Meadow and Marrow.
It all starts with the BEST beef in the world. We source only 100% Australian grass-fed (and finished) pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free cattle from farmers that we know and trust.
Each gram of our proprietary Bone Broth Concentrate contains 10 X more collagen based amino acids than market leading traditional bone broths. Adding Bone Broth to your diet has never been easier. Just one jar conveniently makes 26 cups of nutrient rich Bone Broth. Simply add one teaspoon to a cup of hot water, stir and enjoy.

We've used them all. They have unique and distinct purposes for each flavour which is great for using bone broth more often.

We suggest try replacing your coffee with delicious bone broth - be a scientist and give it a try for 30 days.

5 awesome flavours of Bone Broth in Clinic Now (Populate, Natural, Burn, A.M Cleanse and Boost)

- Use nutritious bone broth to repair and heal your gut
- replace products that use nasty additives and preservatives
- replace coffee with bone broth and feel better.

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