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20 Beta Testers Wanted

20 beta testers wanted May 15, 2018


20 Beta Testers Wanted

People who have been following my health journey on and in the clinic will know I am always problem-solving. 

The problem I am trying to solve right now has to do with PREVENTABLE  stress and chronic inflammatory illnesses. I'm not just talking about diabetes, obesity, cardiac and stroke-related diseases... 

I'm also including the signs and symptoms that humans put up with for years before doing anything about it. 
Symptoms like:
- bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and nausea
- sore joints and muscle pain
- migraines and headaches
- poor breathing, chest pain or rapid heartbeat
- low energy, fatigued or tired
- feeling stressed, anxious or depressed
- poor sleep or insomnia  
- frequent colds or infections 

Specifically, I am interested in identifying food and non food items that cause damage to your body and being exposed to that stress over a long period of time... that could be prevented.

How are you being exposed?
- through the foods you eat (some are hurting you and you don't know it) 
- applying inflammatory items on your skin or hair
- being environmentally exposed to toxins/chemicals at work or home

What are inflammatory food and non-food item?
Anything that your body considers a stress, that might be experienced as a symptom, through allergy, intolerance or sensitivity. 
HINT: Not all inflammatory conditions will present with a symptom (or even be obvious to you at all) until it's caused damage, sometimes permanent irreversible damage.  

Previously to identify if you are suffering from chronic inflammation, you would need to:
-  be so sick that you needed to go to a doctor 
- doctors would run expensive and complex medical tests (sometimes costing $$$ thousands of dollars) 
- the tests are invasive (e.g. blood tests or tissue samples) 


My team and I are partnering with a laboratory testing company to CREATE A BETTER TEST.

A food and non food sensitivity test that is:
- Affordable 
- Safe and easy to do at home
- Non-invasive
- Results that are simple to understand and action

Why create a better test?
We believe that when you are ill, sick and diseased and require medical attention in the form of medication, injection and surgery to address your symptoms, the conversion has been left too late and permanent damage may have already been caused. 

We want people to start having the conversion of STRESS and chronic inflammation with themselves, with their friends and family and their health professional team much earlier. 

We believe through a conscious effort and taking the steps to figure out what causes you stress and inflammation, then you are empowered to do something about it before it becomes a bigger, scarier and more expensive problem. 

If you are interested in testing your sensitivity to food and non-food items we are looking for 20 people to test. 

Here are OUR requirements: 
- You must be willing to do the test at a significantly discounted price 
- That you are interested in sharing your experience and give feedback
- be part of something great

Why YOU would do this test:
- To determine if you have a sensitivity to food and non items that you were NOT aware of
- To start the conversion and become conscious of items that might be causing you to be stressed, sick, ill, injured, and diseased. 
- Prevention is better than a cure
- Take back your health and start your healthcare journey




If you don’t know how to self care, see me in clinic and we can begin the process to get you started.

Call us at 0749620411 or book online @

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